Phil expressing how he feels about his fans.

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Phil expressing how he feels about his fans.

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Darksydephil insults a fan
@DarkSeipher: "are you stupid? not even trying to sound offensive, but you are ignorant. you want me to keep making videos right? so i need income? so i need a way to get it. youtube just shut me off PERMANENTLY. so either I find another source or I'm not going to make videos anymore. So pays me per view. so you go there and view my videos and it's all good.

What don't you understand?"

- DSPGaming

Phil Burnell lies about jobs in Connecticut

"I will try to say this in the most respectable, intelligent way because I've only said it about 10000 times before:

THERE ARE NO JOBS. Especially not in the sector I was working or anything comparable to what I was previously making. The US Economy is in shambles right now and there are NO companies hiring except for minimum-wage jobs and holiday help, which isn't even enough to support a person. It's UGLY out there"


DSP intimidating his fans and demanding money from them

@MegaXJay: "are you going to send me money then so that I can keep doing this? It's either 1. I do both Youtube AND or 2. I do nothing. Your choice."

- DSPGaming

What Got Turbo Tabs Blocked

"Phil, Is there anyway of talking to the guys at to cool it with the same advertisement every game playthrough video?

I could understand if I have to watch an advertisement once I start watching the first video and perhaps it won't show up till 30-20 minutes later but when watching the Dead Money playthrough on there it was just annoying seeing the same fucking advertisement for every 43 parts I watched.

If nothing is negotiable, i'd rather just wait for it to come onto DSPgaming".

- Turbotabs

Phils Response:

" has nothing to do with it. it's the advertisers who contact them and pay them to run the ads. so if Best Buy pays to have their ads run that much, then that's what you're going to see - it's pretty basic business.

and if you do wait because of it (not because you NEED to but because you're that selfish and ungrateful), that's fucking pathetic. real talk."


This comment was also flagged into oblivion by his own fans.

Fan lets Phil know how he feels

@THEKINGOFHATEHD "Just want ppl to know that after leaving a comment on ur dspgaming channel saying that I hardly watch the blip tv stuff + i miss when you put out vids for fun instead of for money, and u blocked me. You are censoring ppl's honest opinions and soon the only "fans" left will be the idiots who got you in trouble with YouTube in the first place by overclicking ads. No need to block me here I already un-subbed."

- tetsujin29

Phils Response:

@tetsujin29 "you are not a fan, you are a leech, and the fact that you're leaving this comment also makes you a troll. when i'm trying to get people to adopt something new, i dont need your whiny ass complaining about the blip tv service when there is NOTHING wrong with it - you are the problem, not blip. the OVERWHELMING opinion is people want me to keep doing videos full time, and i also want to keep doing what i love - but instead of understanding, you leave flaming comments. good riddance"


Phil made a video telling everyone that there are many problems with bliptv and told people that they should contact bliptv instead of him, so basically Phil lied above and then contradicted himself in a video.

Another fan gets censored

"ok I just noticed that you blocked me on dspgaming. But the question is why? I never said anything about sucking and I never trolled on you because I'm a fan of your work. I think it was because I was trying to warn you about dspcultleader and that you should do something about him. No offense but no wonder why your getting a lot of haters, you create them. I'm not going to be a hater of you but blocking me just because I was trying to protect you in a way is just wrong."

- BlazerT10

Yet again, another fan gets censored

" Damn phil, for someone who talks alot of shit u sure are a sensitive lil bitch, y u ban from dspgaming? It wasn't even that bad, whatever, UNSUB!!!.... U fell off anyways "

- youknowwatitis

Fan Testimony #1

"Phil quit blocking people who don't even talk about you. You blocked me cause I commented on one of your viewers viciously arguing towards a troll and that makes you mad?"

- ThatGoldenW

Fan Testimony #2

"@volvaga0 I don't ban fans, I ban trolls, jealous haters, and whiny brats who can't get their way. And I'm not afraid to publicly talk about it either.


"@THEKINGOFHATEHD well evidently you do... I was gutted when you banned me on DSPGaming, I didnt even do anything wrong! I still watch your video's here AND on blip, its just a shame. As a viewer of 2 years I was a bit shocked to be honest. Keep up the good work"

- volvaga0

Phil censors another fan

@THEKINGOFHATEHD "Phil why did you block MsNoNuts? - EVERYTHING he (or she) said was right on point. There was nothing slanderous about that. Just explaining how Google Adsense Policies work, why would you sensor that? I read all the comment that person posted and despite stating they are a long time fan and supporter of you, just because they have the balls to speak the truth about something regarding what took place, instead of saying "Oh I didn't know that, thanks" you Block them? Wow!"

- WildCatzVids

@THEKINGOFHATEHD "I normally dont get involved in these kinds of petty online beefs or arguments but again I read everything stated by that person and there wasn't a single thing said out of context or anything that would be considered defamation. That's how Google works! Why would you or anyone else be upset and Block someone who's simply pointing that out? Real friend's are HONEST and TRUTHFUL and do more than just "yes man" so that's not cool bro, that was very wrong of you to block him/her"

- WildCatzVids

@THEKINGOFHATEHD "I understand you being trolled to death and non-stop haters coming at you left and right but what did to MsNoNuts pisses me off, especially since I was introduced to you by that person and just because you dont agree with how Google decides to handles business doesn't mean you should ban people who are trying to help you understand why what took place, took place. I have a suspended adsense account and because of MsNoNuts comments I now understand why"

- WildCatzVids

@THEKINGOFHATEHD "MsNoNuts stated you cannot ask anyone to click your ads or participate and since you did that (likely out of ignorance) it caused you to be banned, if you own up to your mistake and explain that in your appeal letter, maybe they would reinstate your account., Yes, they have actually reinstated people before and still do but being upset at them and denying any wrong-doing (intentional or not) will not help your cause, stop blocking everyone who's trying to help you see that Phil!"

- WildCatzVids

Fan attempts to censor an ex fans opinion, then Phil censors straight after

@MrFelix656 "every single video i see your complaining about phil, if you hate him so much please just leave, your just giving him more publicity"

- OnyxSkateboards

@OnyxSkateboards "Lol dude, I don't hate phil. I'm not a "hater" or a troll. I've been watching this guy for 2 years, and I've only commented on the last 3 videos. His videos btw, so I don't know how I'm giving him more publicity."

- MrFelix656

@MrFelix656 "yes, you are. i just read about 20 of your comments on this video, and all of them are shitting on me. maybe next time you'll use good judgement - oh wait, there won't be a next time!"



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