DSP Tries It Ep.12 - "Sue The Fans, But Not Me"

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DSP Tries It Ep.12 - "Sue The Fans, But Not Me"

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:09 pm

The Video Explained

This video starts with Phil talking about a new illegal way to solicit funds ... At 0:30 / 0:33 Phil is clearly stating that he will take no responsibility for his actions should legal action be taken but will allow his fans to give him copyrighted artwork for the sole purpose of making a profit off of someone else's hard work (Why would you do this when you acknowledge that this is illegal? Aren't you worried about incriminating yourself, your fans, or your East Coast Customs group?

The Truth

Phil clearly states that should there be a threat of legal recourse, he will proceed to shift legal responsibility from himself and East Coast Customs onto the customer i.e. the fans. What Phil doesn't realize is that he will be sued regardless, because he is profiting off of Capcom's copyrighted artwork without their expressed and written consent.

What do you think?


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