DSP Tries It Ep.20 - "Getting a job is silly"

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DSP Tries It Ep.20 - "Getting a job is silly"

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:21 pm

The Video Explained

The video starts with Phil telling his fans how he is going to attempt to look for a job, he then launches in to a tirade about how there isn't any jobs, he then tells his fans, that people making suggestions are jealous trolls and haters.

The Truth

The video starts off with Phil telling his fans if nothing works out then he's going to start looking for a job, (wait, wern't you already looking for a job?), Phil then tells his fans how there isn't any jobs available in the sector he was working (Phil obviously doesn't know this, as quite clearly he admitted he hasn't been looking for a job). He then tries to inflate his ego by making himself look good by telling his fans how all his beloved ex co-workers want him back. Phil then tells his fans that they are "crazy" for making a life changing suggestion of getting a part time job, he then claims that people making these suggestions are jealous of him and that their just trying to show hatred towards him (Phil uses this outragous claim in order to censor peoples opinions/suggestions and further postpone his job search and employment), he then makes an attempt to brainwash fans in to believing this, by stating they aren't "serious" or they don't "understand" and that they aren't "adults" and that they aren't looking for a job themselves, he then claims them to be haters and trolls. therefore censoring peoples opinions again and making everyone believe his side of the story.

What do you think?


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