DSP Tries It Ep.10 - Indulgences

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DSP Tries It Ep.10 - Indulgences

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:15 pm

The Video Explained

Phil starts the video by showing everyone his computer screen, showing the content of the comments on his video page. He then proceeds to rant about Hutch [from Machinima] and tells us how he is sick of Hutch commenting on his videos and how he wishes for him to leave him alone.

The Truth

Phil makes a video to tell Hutch about how he doesn't approve of his comments and how he isn't going to put up with it anymore. He then censors Hutch but this time in front of 50K+ people. Later on, he makes another video in response to his previous one stating how his friendship with Hutch had been renewed after Hutch gave him a shout out plus donations. He now says Hutch is an "upstanding guy". Phil saw the money coming and decided to get on the good side of Hutch to gain more donations in the future as well as the free advertisement from Machinima which has a over 1 million subscribers.

What do you think?


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