DSP Tries It Ep.11 - Censor The Critics

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DSP Tries It Ep.11 - Censor The Critics

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:12 pm

The Video Explained

Since Phil lost his job he has got into the mindset that Youtube is his dream/job and is making money by selling arcade joysticks with copyrighted artwork on them [Illegal], selling extremely overpriced junk on his Cafepress website, begging for donations and demanding that his fans switch from Youtube to Blip Tv. Even though Blip Tv doesn't work for a majority of his fans, he threatens anyone who criticizes Blip Tv with censorship and permanent bannings.

The Truth

After the intro, Phil launches into a tirade about how his fans have no right to suggest that he find a stable job. He proceeds to threaten his fanbase with censorship and further reminds his audience that he does not need anyones opinion and anyone who tries to say anything about his lack of a job situation (Good or Bad) will be blocked.

What do you think?


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